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Application process


1.) Apply & Register/ Configurate



2.) Submit documents



3.) Official Inscription


1.1. Apply

- Study selection (PDF) & email to: service@wusbt.net

-> Link: Study programs


When you have completed your selection process, you can continue submitting your application documents.

 1.2. to register

-coming soon-

-> Link: WASBT Cybernetic

* optimal, recommended

* skip this step until online,

1.3. Individual configuration

-coming soon-

can be done with the configurator. To do this, click the following -> Link: Configurator

* skip this step until online

Send your application documents to our application service (24/7) at: service@wusbt.net

  •  Curriculum vitae  
  •  Testimonies   
  • Cover letter (optional)   
  •  Motivation (optional)  
  •  Project list (optional)
  •  Publication list (optional)

Now it's our turn. You will receive the study contract by e-mail from us and ask you to submit any missing documents.

If you still do not have any application documents, you can send us your wishes via the e-mail contact address service@wusbt.net. Our staff will take care of it as soon as possible.

Use modern smartphone technologies to generate, scan and digitize your documents to ensure the fastest possible electronic processing.

Pay attention to the courtesies when sending e-mails. (no empty subject field, salutation, possibly title, concluding salutation).

If your application documents > 10MB you can also send us a link.

Optional  supporting robotic

0_0_0_CV-Bot (-coming soon-)

1_0_0_WASBT Cybernetic (-coming soon-)

2_0_0_Configurator (-coming soon-)